25th April 2019

What Were You Born to Do?

born to be better organised

What Were You Born to Do?

That was the question posed by Kevin Hutchison of Helping Reach Potential in his presentation during a Revitalise networking event in Glasgow. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one of the assembled business owners who was left pondering that question long after the talk was over…

Revitalise Networking Event, Hamilton Park Racecourse — 23rd May 2018

My earliest childhood memory is of my first desk being delivered. I recall how excited I was about organising my first workstation and I kitted it out with lots of stationery gathered from around the home.

Throughout my school years, I loved going to John Menzies with my mum to choose my pencil case and stationery and get organised for the new academic year.

In my latter years at primary school, I took my passion for admin and organising to a somewhat extreme level when I put together The Star Club — I remember sitting on the floor of my grandmother’s living room, stapling together the pages of a newsletter that I had written!

One rainy day, when I was about 7, I opened my own post office counter and my grandparents were willing customers. My grandpa made it out of old polystyrene packaging and I organised the stock — I had hand-cut stamps of various shapes and sizes, mock driving licences and forms galore. I even had an open/closed sign that I turned around whenever I went for a break. I was in my element!

If you organise your life around your passion, you can turn your passion into your story and then turn your story into something bigger — something that matters. Blake Mycoskie

So, all this got me thinking that perhaps there is something that each individual is born to do. As a professional organiser & productivity coach, I now help people to get better organised at home or work, which I genuinely believe is the thing that I was born to do.

What were you born to do? Do you mix your passion with your profession? Or perhaps you work in a field which allows you the freedom or finance to do a hobby or activity that you were born to do. Maybe you were born to help others and subsequently do that through volunteering. If you would like to share your story of what you were born to do I would love to hear about it — please share in the comments!

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