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Tips for a Better Organised Christmas in 2020 - Productivity Coach & Professional Organiser | Better Organised - Milngavie, Glasgow : Productivity Coach & Professional Organiser | Better Organised – Milngavie, Glasgow

  2nd December 2020

Tips for a Better Organised Christmas in 2020

Tips for a Better Organised Christmas in 2020

So here we are, at the end of a rather challenging year, all in the mood for a light and bright celebration season. Scotland in general, and Glasgow in particular are still under strict social distancing rules and this is the one bit of bad news I have for this post really. The really good news is, with all the extra time spent at home, we just might all have an opportunity to make this Christmas a very very special and thoughtful one indeed. Rather than running around fulfilling social obligations, we all have a chance to really spend time in a way that matters to us: small family gatherings, time spent with the children, thoughtful, meaningful gifts, homemade decorations and more. In this blog post, I have just the right tips to keep your Christmas 2020 organised and inspired – and even if it will feel differently, with a bit of craftiness, we can make it feel different in a good way!

better organised Christmas

A Better Organised Christmas in 2020 in Five Steps

Start curating and editing ahead of Christmas
The big pre-Christmas declutter is a fantastic idea to get you started on a Better Organised celebration this year. As I encourage everyone, do little and often. Allocate as little as 10 to 15 minutes every day to decluttering small areas of your home and soon you will see progress. December is the time to tackle unwanted winter clothes, old publications and redundant toys – to make room for new subscriptions, toy clear outs etc. Here are a few ideas to get you inspired in your Pre-Christmas declutter projects:

– donate unwanted hats, scarves and gloves to a charity shop, clothing bank or local appeal
– recycle old newspapers, magazines, catalogues and flyers
– use up toiletries that you already have before buying more
– clear out redundant toys and games
– rummage through your kitchen cupboards. Use up what you can and if you come across any items which you know you won’t use pop them in a food bank trolley at your local supermarket

“Do little and often. Allocate as little as three songs in your playlist to decluttering small areas in your home and soon you will see progress!”

Plan for mindful Christmas gifting
This year we will not be able to spend time with all our dear ones and that is something we are all going to have to find ways of coping with. Although usually the season can become crammed with events and social gatherings to the point of exhaustion, this year we have an opportunity to approach things differently, put lots of thought in the gifts – big or small – that we will offer and maybe tackle things that we kept postponing in previous years because of busy schedules.

A good idea is to look if you could potentially offer some experiences rather than products. Some virtual experiences are available and can be enjoyed together remotely, but some outdoor activities like ski lessons, snow tubing or other adventures could also still be appropriate.

Instead of a Christmas card, this year you could perhaps consider a good local charity and make a donation. It always feels good to do good, you will generate less paper waste as well as support charities who have had a challenging year in 2020 – so a great win all around.

better organised christmas

Be your own Santa factory
Whether you decide to make your own gifts or purchase some, I have written some tips for Better Organised gift wrapping in my book, A Better Organised Home in 30 Days. Gift wrapping can be regarded as a mindful, crafty activity so place a day and time in your calendar dedicated to meditation and gift wrapping. Think of a quiet corner, enjoyable music, fairy lights and busy hands. Gather together all your wrapping materials, including paper, bows and ribbon. Include greetings cards and gift tags. A deep rectangular basket is ideal for storing wrapping materials, with rolls of wrap stood upright. Shoe boxes or clear plastic boxes work well for cards, gift tags, bows etc. Keep it easily accessible, along with scissors, sellotape and stamps.

A fantastic idea would also be to make some DIY cookie jars to give to neighbours, friends or family. They are fun for kids to get involved with, are super easy to do and take hardly any time at all. There are plenty to be found online. This one from Jamie Oliver certainly appeals!

Warm atmosphere
It would not be Christmas without decorations and lights. Plenty of fairy lights and a couple of snow globes are lovely ways to give your home a festive feel. I particularly love scented candles and festive hand wash for a nice, Christmassy atmosphere.

Also contributing to the festive atmosphere is the aroma of good food. We all love a Christmas feast, so plan out your food requirements, including timings. You don’t need all the trimmings – just make whatever your family enjoys the most as long – as it’s festive and consumed together where possible, it’s all good! When making your grocery shopping list, use local suppliers where you can. Think turkey from the local butchers, mince pies from the farm shop or Fair Trade supplier, cold meats from your local deli.

Micro celebrations
Put together a calendar of micro-celebrations throughout December. While we will not be out having dinners and attending parties, we can have small virtual gatherings, Netflix watch alongs, celebration baking (and tasting) sessions, a festive photo-taking afternoon (pop your Christmas jumpers on, have a few fairy lights and Christmas decorations beside you and use a selfie stick or tripod to help you take some cheery pics to send to loved ones), a write your letter for Santa event, a simple phone call with someone dear, a homemade gift with crafty kids and whatever else feels good for you and your family. Just purposefully fill December with small highlights that make you feel Christmassy and bring joy to dear ones near and far.

I do hope you will enjoy a better organised Christmas this year and find the perfect organisational tips that work for you.

Best wishes to you and yours,

P.S.For a relaxed and easy route to a better organised home, download your FREE printables bundle from the Better Organised online store. It includes a meal plan template, a shopping list and housework checklist.

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