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Thyme for Better Organised Cleaning? - Productivity Coach & Professional Organiser | Better Organised - Milngavie, Glasgow : Productivity Coach & Professional Organiser | Better Organised – Milngavie, Glasgow

  25th April 2019

Thyme for Better Organised Cleaning?

better organised home cleaning

Thyme for Better Organised Cleaning?

How eco-cleaning can help transform the way you keep your home organised, sparkling and safe

Getting rid of clutter would eliminate 40% of the housework in the average home, according to the National Soap & Detergent Association

As Insta-cleaners’ followers increase at an eye-watering rate on social media, the eco-friendly cleaning market is also soaring as consumers demand greener alternatives to harsh chemical cleaners. Last year, Tesco even introduced their own range of plant-based cleaning products after sales within the sector increased by 45% in their stores.

I first became curious about natural cleaning methods a few years ago when a period of illness in our family led me to seek gentler alternatives to strongly-fragranced synthetic products. Since then I’ve been intrigued by eco-cleaning, so when I recently met Alison from Alison’s Homemade Natural Cleaning I asked her for the lowdown on all things green and clean!

Alison delivers a domestic cleaning service using all-natural homemade cleaners. Lavender, rosemary, pink grapefruit, tea tree oil and white vinegar are among her favourite ingredients.

Q: What do you do?

A; I’m reviving the making and use of homemade natural cleaning products and empowering others to incorporate natural cleaning into their everyday lives. My background is in the health and wellbeing sector, and over the last two years I have moved into domestic cleaning.

I guide people towards natural ways to clean their home; through workshops, social media and my cleaning service for homes and businesses.

Q; What are the main benefits of using natural cleaning products?

A; Many expensive big-brand cleaners come in single-use plastic packaging and have nasty chemicals in them that can adversely affect our health. Natural cleaning uses no chemicals and generally has a lower carbon footprint than using commercial cleaners, so it’s better for our health, our homes, our purses and the planet.

Q; Are natural products as effective as chemical cleaners though?

A; Yes, and they’re safer. For example, distilled white vingear is a great anti-bacterial and antiseptic cleaner that leaves surfaces sparkling.

Q; Does it take quite a bit of organisation? Do I need lots of time and special equipment or ingredients if I want to make up my own products?

A; A spray bottle, distilled white vinegar, lemon juice and water is all you need to get started. It only takes a few minutes to mix up a basic multi-purpose cleaner.

A liquid soap, such as an organic castile soap, and bicarbonate soda are also great ingredients to start experimenting with. Sometimes adding a favourite essential oil to your spray means that you are more keen to use it because of the pleasant fragrance.

Q; What are your top tips for keeping a clean and organised home?

A; Keep a spray cleaner to hand in the kitchen and bathroom. A good micro fibre cloth also helps save time to keep your chrome streak-free and shiny. A decluttered home is much easier and quicker to clean, so keeping what’s on your shelves and windowsills to a minimum really helps.

Q; What little steps can I take if I want to shift towards cleaning products that are kinder to the planet but am not ready to complete overhaul my cleaning supplies?

A; Washing down your kitchen sink with your own homemade cleaner after you do your dishes is a simple way to introduce an eco-friendly approach.

Mixing bicarbonate soda with a liquid soap to form a paste to get rid of stubborn marks from your worktops or the scum in your bath are also great ways to see how effective and quick natural cleaning can be.

Q; How does a Better Organised approach help when it comes to keeping our homes clean?

A; Keep it simple. For example, keep the number of products you display in your bathroom to a minimum i.e. a shampoo, a conditioner and a bar of soap. Choose quality over quantity. I find that a ‘little and often’ approach to cleaning works well.

Q; Do you have or recommend a specific timetable or routine for housework?

A; I generally clean as I go along, ensuring I have a cleaner on hand depending what room I am in. I do like using my own homemade cleaners so it’s not such a big challenge to do a little here and there. Enjoying what you are doing is half the challenge.

Q; What do people say about your product/service?

A; I get great feedback from the make-your-own cleaner workshops. Participants say even though they know about natural cleaning they don’t have the confidence to take that step in doing it. Being with others as a group whilst making their first product gives them the confidence to start their journey into natural cleaning.

The natural domestic cleaning service gives people reassurance that their home is not only clean but also healthier (and it smells amazing!).

For more information about Alison’s services, products and workshops, please visit her Facebook page or contact her on 07775 902344.

I’m Kate, a productivity coach & professional organiser and the founder of Better Organised; decluttering and organising homes, offices, businesses and lives in the UK and beyond. To sign up to my newsletter, please head to and for my step by step guide to decluttering and organising thirty categories throughout your home, head to Amazon to pick up a copy of my book, A Better Organised Home in 30 Days.


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