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Better Organised for a Spring Home Move - Productivity Coach & Professional Organiser | Better Organised - Milngavie, Glasgow : Productivity Coach & Professional Organiser | Better Organised – Milngavie, Glasgow

  23rd February 2021

Better Organised for a Spring Home Move

spring home move

Spring is traditionally a busy time for the property market. Even given the current restrictions, property transactions are going ahead so if you are in the exciting situation of moving home this spring – you will want to read my guide to a better organised home move.

Start Organising Your Home Move Early

Even given the current restrictions, it is wise to book your removal firm early. I recommend getting 2 – 3 quotes from BAR-registered firms. Ideally, go for those that have been recommended by friends, family or a trusted advisor (your professional organiser, perhaps?!).  Bear in mind that professional organisers can assist with packing in stages in the weeks leading up to your move – this can potentially work out as a gentler, less stressful and cost-effective alternative to either packing by yourself or getting the removal firm to do it.

Timing Your Spring Home Move

What day of the week suits you best? There might have to be some give and take here, as the entry date to your property will likely be dependent on other parties, but if possible go for a day that is most convenient for you. For example, when we moved last year we deliberately chose a Thursday as it meant if there were any delays we wouldn’t be stuck over a weekend (some friends of ours had experienced this and ended up in a hotel for a weekend while all their belongings and clothes sat in the removals van) and also because we have childcare on a Thursday!

How Much Do You Need to Let Go of?

Particularly if you are downsizing, it is important to be very realistic about how much you will be able to accommodate in your new home. A client of mine was moving from a 4-bed detached family home with conservatory, utility room, garage, en-suites and a large lounge to a 2-bed end terrace. Ultimately, she had to face letting go of approximately 50% of the volume of her belongings. Taking photos of some of the items she let go of helped her to appreciate and remember them without the practical difficulties of storing them in her new abode. This can be particularly helpful for large furniture items, such as sideboards, bookcases, dressing tables or dining tables. Sending these items to auction can be a good way to recoup some of their value.

Take Care of Your Pre-move Admin

Draw up a list of all your suppliers, subscriptions and memberships so that you can advise them of your change of address at the earliest opportunity. This can often be done online or with a quick call. As well as obvious ones such as utility providers and banks, also remember the DVLA (you can be fined up to £1000 if you don’t notify them of a change of address), vets, childcare providers and your online grocery delivery service! I’d also advise registering for Royal Mail’s postal redirection service for a full year, so that you can be sure that anything that only comes once or twice a year doesn’t slip through the net i.e. membership renewals, such as the AA or National Trust.

Your Home Move Checklist on the Day

– Take meter readings at your new and old properties
– Have snacks and water on hand
– Keep a file of important docs, including your moving checklist and any paperwork relating to the move. You might also want to include personal documents such as passport and birth certificates
– Wear layers! You will probably have spells of waiting around in between bursts of activity, so dress comfortably in anticipation of fluctuations in temperature. Also keep a light jacket to hand in case of April showers.

As a professional organiser, I help clients in their moving home journey by offering practical support throughout all stages – from hands-on decluttering of kitchens, bedrooms, living areas, attics/garages and offices to packing and organising belongings for their next house move. After moving quite a few homes – including my own last year, I have put together a handy guide to keep you on track with your next home move. Read here>>

In Your New Home

When you arrive at your new home, it is worth taking a moment to put post-its on doors to indicate which bedroom is which. These should correspond to what is written on your packing boxes i.e. if your packing boxes are labeled bedrooms 1, 2 and 3 then put post-its on the doors so that all members of the removal team are in the loop. When we moved, additional removal men arrived part-way through the unloading, so this meant they could easily bring boxes straight to their destination without having to stop and check with anyone. Depending on how many rooms you have, you might want to do this throughout the house i.e. study, lounge, living room, dining room. With the exception of kitchens and bathrooms, it won’t necessarily be apparent which empty room serves which purpose, and you don’t want to waste time and energy in unnecessarily shifting furniture or boxes from room to room after the movers have gone.

Consider enlisting the help of a professional organiser on moving day, or in the days immediately following it, to assist you with unpacking and getting your new home up and running as quickly and smoothly as possible. The practicalities of unpacking can be quite overwhelming but we can give you hands-on help and keep you focused as well as offering sensible advice on what to prioritise when unpacking, the best locations for your belongings and suggestions for any storage you might want to consider.

Hope you find my house move tips useful and a good place to start planning. Feeling overwhelmed by the task? I offer virtual and in-person services to help. Whether you prefer an on-Zoom only or an in-room approach (where restrictions allow us, of course) start your house move with a free consultation with me – simply use my calendar here to book a first conversation around your decluttering and organising goals.

Did you know that the average UK home contains 300,000 items? House clearing is one of my specialities as a professional declutterer & organiser – particularly organising and clearing unoccupied properties. I can work sensitively and independently within an agreed timeframe and budget to help you manage the workload of emptying a home following a change in circumstances. Find out more>>

I’m Kate, a productivity coach & professional organiser based in Glasgow. I work remotely or in-person to help busy decision-makers declutter their space and manage their time so that they can enjoy better balance and productivity. For a no-obligation chat about how I can help, please get in touch at or use the box below to subscribe to the Better Organised monthly newsletter which is full of resources, inspiration – and occasional freebies!



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