25th April 2019

Pro Tips for Road-trips — Snacks

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Pro Tips for Better Organised Road-trips — Snacks

I always pack a travel snack bag. You don’t want to get stuck without snacks no matter where you go! — Busy Phillips

As schools prepare to break up for the holidays and families get ready to hit the road this weekend, here are a few quick tips for Better Organised road-trip snacks!
Bento boxes (tackle boxes are an inexpensive version) or small cool bags are ideal for car journeys.
I steer away from anything too flaky or crumbly, or that will melt, spoil, bruise or crush easily. For example, rather than standard packs of crisps we tend to go for Hula Hoops or pretzels. Small tubes of Pringles are also great for the car, as they can stand a bit of rolling around and be resealed if not all eaten in one go.
Biscuits — packets of mini gingerbread men are a favourite (ginger can be effective for preventing/relieving travel sickness)
Fruit & Veg — satsumas, apples, pears, carrot batons, sliced peppers
Savouries — mini oatcakes (with a Babybel cheese — I’d avoid Dairylea or Laughing Cow in the car!), mini breadsticks, mini cheddars, trail mix, small tubes of Pringles. Rolls, bagels or thins rather than bread sandwiches.
Sweet things — wine gums, jelly babies, fruit slurper pouches, fruit winders, packets of yogurt raisins
Drinks — water in non-spill reusable bottles is ideal. If opting for juice, avoid cartons which can be awkward to accommodate if not drunk in one go. Instead, go for resealable bottles of flavoured water or lidded pouches of juice (Capri Sun do some with lids)
*Top tip*
Sugar can act as an appetite stimulant, so aim for a reasonable balance of slow release carbs, fruit/veg and savoury items rather than sugary snacks which don’t satisfy hunger. Porridge bars can be a nice, lower fructose alternative to cereal bars or breakfast biscuits — just check the labels and avoid those which contain lots of dried fruit if you’re trying to minimise sugar intake.
What are your favourite family snacks when travelling? Please share in the comments!

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