25th April 2019

Pro Tips for Road-trips — Entertainment

Pro Tips for Road Trips

Pro Tips for Better Organised Road-trips — Entertainment

Making memories one road-trip at a time! — Unknown

If you’ve had enough of Eye Spy, here are some options for Better Organised in-car entertainment.
Books — reading in the car is a common cause of motion sickness, so download audiobooks or borrow CD versions from your local library before you head off on your travels.

Second-hand CD audiobooks from online auction sites or Amazon are an inexpensive option for stories you’ll listen to again. Kindle has a great function of adding audio narration to selected e-book purchases for just a few pounds. A great idea if you want to switch between reading and listening, depending on your mood and location!
TV/movies — it’s worth downloading a few movies in advance of your trip. Netflix has a great range of family-friendly films — selected downloads are included in the monthly subscription fee. If kids are going to be watching movies in the car it’s well worth buying an iPad holder that can be mounted between the headrests. Looking straight ahead at the screen (rather than downwards) means children are less likely to suffer travel sickness, and the tablet being secured reduces the risk of it causing injury in the event of a collision.
Gaming — if handheld devices are being used, encourage kids to keep them at eye level. Looking down at the screen can affect inner ear balance, resulting in travel sickness symptoms. Or go for e-puzzles/jigsaws, travel-sized classics such as Connect 4, or a simple game of Snap!
Colouring/stickers — colouring can be tricky but water magic colouring sets are a good option for keeping younger ones occupied for short spells on the road. Sticker books can be lifesavers on long journeys — particularly good for pre-school kids!
Free trials! Holidays can be the perfect opportunity to experiment with new resources. Audible does a 30-day free trial if you’re keen to use audiobooks. Or sample Now TV or Netflix if you’re not already subscribed.
Top tip — if kids are playing movies or audiobooks from an iPad or tablet, simply connect it to the car’s Bluetooth and adjust the fader to play through the rear speakers only. The driver can then concentrate and the passenger in the front can plug earphones into their phone for an audiobook, music or an episode of their favourite boxset ?

For road-trip snack suggestions, visit this page and for hints about packing the car like a pro, head here.

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