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Moving House? Prep Like a Pro! - Productivity Coach & Professional Organiser | Better Organised - Milngavie, Glasgow : Productivity Coach & Professional Organiser | Better Organised – Milngavie, Glasgow

  25th April 2019

Moving House? Prep Like a Pro!

move home like a pro

Moving House? Prep Like a Pro!

We’ve all heard that moving house can be one of the most stressful life events, so I caught up with Gavin Deauville and Holly Lowe at Clockwork Removals in Milngavie to ask for their insiders’ tips on how to prep like a professional for a Better Organised move.

Clockwork has over three decades of experience.

When the boxes are gone, and you’ve cleaned up the mess, you’ll make a home of the house that was just an address. John Bratton

What are the main benefits of using a removals company rather than hiring a couple of vans, roping in my friends and doing it myself?

Using a reputable removals company just takes away that extra added stress of actually physically moving your furniture on the day, especially if it is a full house move with bulky oversized items.

Our crews are experienced and trained to the highest industry standards, so they know exactly how to lift and move the largest household items (including American fridges, pianos and pool tables) safely and efficiently.

What steps do you suggest I take to be well organised when preparing to move home?

Get in touch with a few British Association of Removers (BAR) accredited removals companies as soon as you know you are moving. Reputable companies will always send a surveyor round to your home to fully understand what you need and make sure you get an accurate quote.

What are your top tips for packing in a Better Organised manner?

If you are packing up your house yourself we would always recommend marking the boxes clearly with the room they are intended for at your new home so that our crews know where to put them.

It’s important to make it clear on boxes if they contain fragile items and we highly recommend these are packed well using tissue paper and bubble wrap which we can supply (we also supply different sized boxes too).

How can I stay organised when the time to move is approaching?

Once you know you are going to move house it is a really good idea to start decluttering attics, garages and sheds so you are only moving what you want to keep!

When move day is getting closer, contact Royal Mail to arrange re-direction of your post as well as notifying all your utility providers. Also, start running down the contents of your freezer and make sure the fuel is drained from lawnmowers and other garden equipment.

Do you dismantle/re-build furniture, beds etc? Yes, we can dismantle all beds and furniture that is required. Customers can talk to our surveyors about this and get it all organised pre move day.

How long does it take to load/unload a truck for a typical family home i.e. 3–4 bedrooms? This can vary depending on the access to the property and other factors but generally 4–6 hours.

Do you charge per volume, weight or number of boxes? Our quotes are based on a number of variables, but generally it is down to the volume and the distance that is being travelled.

CLockwork has branches throughout the UK and moves hundreds of individuals, families and offices a month, both locally, nationally and internationally.

And a few Better Organised top tips!

  • Thoroughly declutter before you move, so you are only paying to transport goods that you use, need and love. For step-by-step guidance to decluttering and organising throughout your home, head to Amazon to order a copy of A Better Organised Home in 30 Days
  • As soon as you know you are moving, put together a moving file for all quotes, paperwork, action lists and reminders relating to the move
  • For moving day, have a ‘handy box’ which goes in your car and contains phone chargers, loo rolls/handwash/towels, kettle/teabags/biscuits, passports and other important documents
  • Book an online food shop to be delivered on the first morning in your new property

For details of Clockwork’s services, moving checklists, removal guides or to arrange a quote, visit

I’m Kate Galbally, a professional organiser and the founder of Better Organised; decluttering and organising homes, offices, businesses and lives in and around Milngavie, Glasgow. I offer a range of services to help you before, during and after a move, from hands-on decluttering and packing, to unpacking and assisting with move-related admin. Please visit the website for customer testimonials —


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