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Let's Get Minimal! - Productivity Coach & Professional Organiser | Better Organised - Milngavie, Glasgow : Productivity Coach & Professional Organiser | Better Organised – Milngavie, Glasgow

  11th January 2021

Let’s Get Minimal!

Let’s get minimal!

As two thirds of Brits declare one of their 2021 goals to be saving more than they did in 2020 (source), I have rounded up a few helpful suggestions and resources to support your new year resolutions. One of the simplest ways to reduce spending, minimise clutter and have a positive impact on our homes and our planet, is to simply buy less stuff.

guide to minimal living

Here is how to kickstart your new year resolution goal around mindful spending, reducing clutter and a more minimalist lifestyle:

Minimal living tip 1 – Start your year with a mindful declutter project

Even 10 minutes of decluttering every day during this quiet time can mean fantastic progress. As days go by, you will notice your incremental progress and feel motivated to keep going. In my experience, the places where you can get quick wins are clothing, toiletries & cosmetics, unwanted gifts and cleaning products. Remove unwanted items by donating, selling or recycling and put a stop on buying toiletries or cleaning products until your stock dwindles.

? Here is a 20 minute video to get your started with your next gentle decluttering project.

Challenge your buying impulse
Whether you decide to declutter or not, bringing fewer items into your household can also bring progress towards your goals. So before caving to the temptation of an attractive sale, pause and ask yourself these five questions:

?Where will this live in my home?
? Do I already have something similar?
? How long will this be used for?
? What will happen to it when I don’t need it anymore?
? Can I borrow it instead of buying it?

Minimal living tip 2 – Purchase experiences

Looking for a gift for a loved one? Consider offering a memorable experience rather than objects. ?️National Trust memberships, farm park season tickets and cupcake classes have been some of my favourites over the years. Or consider popping a Better Organised gift voucher on your wish list and enjoy a professional decluttering & organising session, either virtually or in-person (government guidelines permitting, of course). Purchase here>>

Minimal living tip 3 – Be mindful of everything you bring into your home

Don’t bring in more stuff than you take out – a simple rule, right? If you are tempted by supermarket multi-buys, free samples, magazines, etc, be mindful of your habits. Simply saying no to all of the above can mean less stuff coming into your home. Replace as you go – particularly with toiletries and cleaning products. Use up your backstock, and as you naturally run out of things, consider switching to a planet-friendly alternative. You’ll find lovely options in the ?Better Wellbeing store.

Minimal living tip 4 – ? Say no to sale temptations

It’s very easy to be tempted by discounts and sales at this time of year. Stay organised with a wish list of items you and your family actually need, do your research and purchase only what is on the list and stay away from random temptations.

Remind yourself that it is only a bargain if you were planning to buy it anyway – and you save 100% if you don’t buy it at all!

Minimal living tip 5 – Organise a friendly swap

Simply ♻️ exchanging toys like board games, jigsaws, plastic toys or books for a few weeks will keep kids interested without having to find the money and space to accommodate bulky new purchases. Swapping or borrowing are great (and fun) ways of creatively reducing clutter and managing your buying habits.

Extra bonus: Check these FREE resources to keep you committed to your goals

Looking to have a healthier lifestyle in 2021? ? Here’s my free printable meal planning guide. Or download this FREE three printables set if you are determined to be better organised in 2021. Find them here>>

I’m Kate, a productivity coach & professional organiser based in Glasgow. I work remotely or in-person to help busy decision-makers declutter their space and manage their time so that they can enjoy better balance and productivity. For a no-obligation chat about how I can help, please get in touch at


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