25th April 2019

‘I Just Need Some Space!’.

‘I Just Need Some Space!’.

Is Self Storage the Key to Being Better Organised?

Professional organisers & declutterers give clients hands-on help and support to make decisions about which belongings they keep, so that they are left with the items that they use, need and love. Excess items are recycled, taken to a charity shop or responsibly disposed of. But what about those items that are still needed but there simply isn’t space for? We asked Veronica from Kirkintilloch Self Storage to tell us how some of life’s little challenges can be made easier with the help of a self storage facility!

  • An expanding family — whether you are turning your home office into a nursery for a first baby or at a stage where you know your current family will be growing further in the not-too-distant future, accomodating new arrivals certainly entails a significant amount of ‘stuff’! As the needs of your family change, the way you store their belongings can adapt too. Travel systems, cots, baby baths and sterilising equipment are used daily at the start but there comes a point when the areas they take up are needed for other kids’ stuff — think bunk beds, toys, bikes, forts and dolls’ houses! If you have a few bulky items that aren’t currently in use a small self storage unit can help you to reclaim that all-important space.
  • Moving home— we all know that decluttering is an essential stage of putting a property on the market. While getting rid of a certain amount of stuff will make your house look more spacious, there may still be key items that just need a temporary solution until you are settled in your new home, such as personal mementoes, paintings, garden equipment and out-of-season clothing. Similarly, if you are having a loft or garage converted, do a thorough declutter and then consider putting the remaining contents into self storage until the work is complete.

Many self storage facilities now offer more than just insulated storage — check with your local facility to see if they have an on-site box shop, packaging materials, smart packing tape etc.— some will even offer a van & driver!

  • Seasonal sportsgear — if space at home really is at a premium then finding an off-site solution could be the answer for items that are only used occasionally. Motorbikes, mountain bikes, surfboards, boats and skiing equipment can all be securely stored in insulated units monitored by CCTV (and you will still have 24 hour access should you decide to go for a midnight bike-ride!)
  • Small businesses — office rental costs are spiralling and increasing numbers of people are working remotely. Rather than renting an extra room (or filling your spare bedroom!) it can be cost-effective for business-owners to use self storage facilities to house archived documentation, product samples, promotional/exhibition materials and tools. Veronica explains, ‘our self-storage units come in 20 different sizes, so the size and price of unit is always tailored to the client’s needs and we can also provide racks to keep everything organised’.

So, the next time you think ‘I need more space!’, consider doing a thorough clearout and then using self storage for those items that are still required but that don’t need to take up room in your daily space.

Veronica Daud is a Senior Sales Advisor at Paisley & Kirkintilloch Self Storage, a local family business that has been established for over 15 years. http://www.hasslefreestorage.co.uk

Kate Galbally is a Professional Organiser & PA at Better Organised, providing decluttering, organising and PA services for the home or office. https://www.betterorganised.uk


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