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How to Achieve a Better Organised Bedroom - Productivity Coach & Professional Organiser | Better Organised - Milngavie, Glasgow : Productivity Coach & Professional Organiser | Better Organised – Milngavie, Glasgow

  25th April 2019

How to Achieve a Better Organised Bedroom

Better Organised Bedrooms

How to Achieve a Better Organised Bedroom

Clutter smothers. Simplicity breathes. — Terry Guillements

Is your bedroom floor a floor-drobe and your bedside table doubling up as a bookcase? Have piles of loose change, tickets and keys taken over dressers and tallboys?

Conversely, think of the appealing aspects of a hotel bedroom; simplicity, cleanliness and a lack of clutter all promote a sense of calm and a peaceful slumber.

In a survey by the National Sleep Foundation, people reported sleeping longer hours and feeling better about going to bed when their bed was made, their sheets were fresh, and their bedroom was comfortable

If your bedroom has become more alarming than alluring, there are a few simple steps you can take to make this restorative space a relaxing haven that’s as serene and low-maintenance as the finest hotel room.

Make the bed and open the windows for a few minutes each morning

These are quick wins for keeping a tidy and fresh environment. Who doesn’t love clean sheets and a freshly aired room, free of allergens?!

Clear floor, clear mind

For a calm, safe retreat to bed, a clear floor instantly reduces visual and mental clutter and reduces the risk of accidents. Try to adopt a ‘don’t put it down, put it away’ approach for a room that promotes a sense of wellbeing and tranquility.

Bear in mind that if you can’t remember the last time you saw your floor and would like hands-on assistance to make the inaccessible accessible, a professional organiser can help.

Invest in a diffuser

Jane Buchan is a wellness advocate with Serenity Essentials UK and says that sleeping difficulties are among the main concerns that clients approach her about. ‘Diffusing essential oils, such as lavender and bergamot, in the bedroom each evening is a fantastic and natural way to improve sleep quality. I handpick oils from the doTERRA collection for my clients, to create a calming environment in the bedroom and help aid a restful night’s sleep.’


Keeping surfaces as clear as possible means that cleaning is easier and quicker. For items that you use regularly, a couple of simple accessory trays can keep them contained and make dusting a breeze.

For step-by-step guidance for decluttering and organising thirty categories around the home, including clothing, books and junk drawers, please head to Amazon to order a copy of A Better Organised Home in 30 Days.

Keep only what you need

Less is more!

Bear in mind that you really don’t need to have a lot in a bedroom. Do the things in your bedroom feel truly relevant in the here and now? If they don’t reflect your lifestyle or are not being used for their intended purpose chairs easily become clutter hotspots and exercise equipment inevitably ends up being used as a clothes horse.

If there is redundant furniture in the bedroom, consider relocating it to another room, or removing it from the house altogether. By only keeping the things that you love or that need to be there, you can minimise clutter magnets, enjoy your belongings and clear valuable space.

Make use of vertical space

Hang pictures and mirrors on the wall instead of taking up space on surfaces or shelves.

If you store books in your bedroom, adding a couple of floating shelves provides a home for a small selection of titles that have yet to be read. Designating this space for them also acts as a storage limit for this common category — try to have a one in, one out policy!

A place for everything, everything in its place

If you have clothes that have been worn once and can be worn again, consider reserving a small area of your wardrobe for them to be returned to at the end of the day. Alternatively, reverse the direction of the hangers for these items so that they can be easily identified.

Another simple option is to add a rod to the back of your wardrobe door, or a basic over door hanger to the back of your bedroom door for keeping them handy, neat and organised.

Think outside the box

If you have a jumble of random items under the bed or on top of your wardrobe, do a thorough declutter and assign logical homes for everything that’s being kept.

Clear plastic boxes with lids and castors are handy for out-of-sight under-bed storage for handbags and shoes that are used occasionally. Sturdy storage bags are ideal for off-season bedding and blankets.

Collapsible boxes are lightweight, attractive options that can be displayed on top of wardrobes for easy access to holiday clothing or children’s items that have yet to be grown into.

I’m Kate, a productivity coach & professional organiser and the founder of Better Organised; decluttering and organising homes, offices, businesses and lives in the UK and beyond. For more tips, advice and news about all things organised, please sign up to my newsletter at


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