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Do You Really Need a Professional Organiser? Ask Yourself These Questions - Productivity Coach & Professional Organiser | Better Organised - Milngavie, Glasgow : Productivity Coach & Professional Organiser | Better Organised – Milngavie, Glasgow

  29th March 2021

Do You Really Need a Professional Organiser? Ask Yourself These Questions

why you need a professional organiser

Professional organisers are a more recent category of professionals and you might wonder if this is something that will deliver value for money. If this is the case, here are some of the key questions you can ask yourself to help guide your decision-making.

Struggling to tackle that big declutter project?

If you look at your cluttered kitchen every day and wish things were different, you feel simply overwhelmed by the task of reorganising your paperwork or have been postponing clearing out the garage to convert it into a home office or workout space, you might need a professional organiser.

I work with my clients in a gentle and sympathetic – but still organised and efficient – way, and help them reduce the volume of possessions, only keeping those that add the most positive value to their life. Whether you need help tackling one area of your home – a loft, a kitchen or a garage, for example – or your entire home, I will visit you (pandemic regulations permitting) and help you to work through the clutter, giving you the space you need and deserve.

“Kate is brilliant at what she does. We’ve spent the last two days decluttering and repurposing the space in my small flat and it looks like a different home! She’s so warm and easy to get on with, it’s genuinely just felt like I’ve had a friend over for the weekend!”

Are you paying for storage?

Storage units can be a life saver for some situations but they should not be a long term solution for keeping clutter. Some of my clients who were moving house overseas needed a few months of storage for their belongings before buying a new home in their new country – and that makes perfect sense, so I was able to find an affordable temporary storage solution for their needs.

But if you have been paying for extra storage to store belongings you never use or need then having assistance to tackle it can make the job easier and less stressful. As a professional organiser, I will help you deal with items you are letting go of. I’ll also manage the donate, sell, recycle process, as appropriate, on your behalf.

Professional organisers can help clients save money when they no longer need to pay for a storage unit, they stop paying more than they need to for things, or they refrain from buying duplicates. When I start working with a client, they will often say they’ve previously gone out and purchased a new item (like a household tool or seasonal clothes) instead of going through the hassle of rummaging through cluttered drawers or attics. But by decluttering and organising their home, and giving everything a place, they subsequently reduce unnecessary purchasing.

Furthermore, clients can make money by selling unwanted items, by finding lost items – I once found a lost pair of diamond earrings for a client -, or by uncovering forgotten cash/gift vouchers. One client exclaimed that Christmas gifts were sorted when we stumbled upon lots of unused gift vouchers during a decluttering session!

Are you moving house?

Do you know that the average household contains a staggering 300,000 items? So no wonder we generally feel a sense of dread mixed with that excitement of moving into a new home. And by no means am I saying that dealing with moving home is not doable, but with a professional organiser on your side, you will get the job done in less time than doing it alone. Imagine that feeling of calm when all unwanted items have been disposed of, sold or recycled appropriately and all your belongings for the new home are sorted and safely stored in boxes, ready to be opened in your brand new home. So your next home move might be more about excitement than dread. Read more about better organised house moves here.

“Kate’s been so helpful over the last year, when I moved house. With day to day planning or general clearing of the house, She’s a lovely girl to work with, so patient with so many brilliant ideas… Everyone needs a Kate in their life! Thanks Kate, you’re a star!!!!” 

“After moving house and shoving things in kitchen cupboards I asked Kate if she would like to help me reorganise the muddle one Monday morning. What a great job with contents organised and labeled in storage containers. Everything is easy to find in an orderly fashion. I am hoping she can spend another morning soon as we work our way through re-organising the house. Kate is a joy to have around and really good at organising. We now have empty cupboards after a good declutter and we are both over the moon with our new cupboard space.”

Are you clearing a property after bereavement?

Clearing a property after bereavement can feel like a huge task. I am proud to help bereaved families go through a most delicate moment by supporting them in dealing with a loved one’s possessions. In the past years, I have worked directly with bereaved families but have also helped local solicitors and estate agents who were looking for house clearing services on their clients’ behalf. Read more about the sensitive house clearing services I offer here.

Are you preparing for a big life milestone?

Whether moving in with your partner or expecting a baby, life moves on and some life situations – whether happy or sad – can become emotionally charged. Having an empathetic, non-judgemental professional organiser like me on your side means you can have that much needed relief at an emotional time. I approach decluttering on a room by room basis, adjusting what needs to be achieved to your personal needs and circumstances. I am prepared to help you overcome emotional attachment, simplify and streamline your belongings and achieve a level of organisation that feels comfortable and sustainable for you.

Finally, my clients say the biggest win in hiring my services as a professional declutterer and organiser is that they win back time. By being less stressed and anxious, by managing to re-organise their household to work for them, they get back the opportunity to spend quality time with loved ones as well as a feeling of peace and achievement. Ultimately, my job is to help people get unstuck and move on to a different stage in their lives.

Being organised and living in an orderly household has huge wellbeing benefits. A simplified, streamlined life brings calm and productivity and will allow you to focus your time, space and attention on the people and pursuits that are most important to you.

By the way, I offer a productivity programme as well, helping you balance personal and work life, become more efficient and purposeful. Find out more by joining my FREE Facebook group here.

Ready to get unstuck with your next decluttering and organising project? Book a confidential chat with me here.

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