25th April 2019

Coffee and a Chat about…Personal Training

Coffee and a Chat about…Personal Training

Here at Better Organised HQ we love coffee and chat, so have a series of blogs that take place over a cuppa. We caught up with Sharon Hutt, a personal trainer based in Glasgow, to find out how Better Organised fitness gets results!

What do you do?

I’m a full-time, fully qualified personal trainer with over ten years’ experience in the health and fitness industry. I provide individuals, pairs, small groups and corporate groups with exercise programmes tailored to their ability and availability so that they can lose weight, tone up and improve overall fitness. I also provide clients with tailored home workout plans and general advice on nutrition and lifestyle.

How can you help me?

There are no quick fixes but I will look at your current exercise, diet and lifestyle and support you to make manageable changes towards being fitter and healthier. I work with people of all ages and abilities, including shift-workers, new mums, busy professionals, soon-to-be brides & grooms and parents & children.

Sessions can be done at the client’s home or workplace but I particularly love getting out and about with clients, whether that be for a run round the streets or doing some HIIT in a local park — I’ll often use fences, benches, swings and other outdoor resources when doing resistance work! No special clothing or equipment is required — you just need comfy clothes, trainers and a bottle of water.

Why should I hire you?

Whether it is for a special occasion, such as a wedding, holiday or birthday, or you’re working towards a specific fitness goal — perhaps a 10K or even a marathon — I will work with you to tailor a programme that fits in to your schedule and lifestyle.

If you are simply looking for some time for yourself, possibly because of a high-pressure job or following the birth of a baby, I guarantee that the hours we spend together will be positive and solely focussed on you. My job is to push you, not break you!

A one-to-one hour session costs £30 and discounts are available for group or block bookings. A particularly popular choice is my pairs class at £45 per hour, whereby a couple or two friends can share the cost. I also do personal training gift vouchers!

What are the main benefits of hiring a personal trainer as opposed to exercising on my own?

I’m there to provide motivation, support and encouragement to help you achieve things you might not be succeeding with on your own.

Many of my clients have previously been members of a gym but found that the classes or equipment didn’t suit them, the environment was too daunting, or they simply didn’t attend as often as they intended to or achieve as much as they wanted to.

Clients are often more likely to persist and get results when working with me, as the time is just about them and they focus on the session as an appointment rather than an optional trip to the gym!

How can being better organised help me to achieve my fitness goals and how do you recommend I do this?

Commit to scheduling your personal training sessions, whether it be weekly, fortnightly or monthly, and I believe that you are much more likely to actually do it than a visit to the gym or a workout on your own. Factoring it in to your diary and budget usually means that you will turn up and really put the work in during that hour.

A food diary is worth doing — being organised with meal planning and food shopping is definitely the key to success and means you’re more likely to prepare healthier options.

What do clients say about your service?

That I put them at ease and that our sessions are fun! They feel motivated to push themselves and subsequently do more than they thought they were capable of. Clients who previously paid money to gyms that they rarely attended often say personal training is money well spent, as the sole focus is on them and I get more out of them than any gym class ever would!

Sounds great! Where do I go from here?

The first step towards personal training is to call, text or email me to arrange a free no-obligation consultation. This is a chance to get together over a coffee to chat about timescales, how we can work round any illness or injuries, and what you want to achieve overall. Many clients will start seeing and feeling the benefits within the first 6–12 sessions! I’m very active on Facebook and Instagram, so can be found on there, via my website www.sharonhuttpt.com or on 07834 813 730.

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