25th April 2019

Coffee and a Chat about…Landscape Gardening

Coffee and a Chat about…Landscape Gardening

Here at Better Organised HQ we love coffee and chat, so have a series of blogs that take place over a cuppa! We’ve reached that time of year where everything starts to take on an autumnal glow, so it’s the perfect opportunity to catch up with Dumfries-based Landscape Gardener Vicky Armstrong.

What do you do?

Whether a garden is in need of some TLC, remedial work or complete rejuvenation, I carry out landscaping and garden maintenance for a range of clients.

What is your background?

I have 5 years’ commercial landscaping experience and am self-taught in landscape design. I have always had a genuine passion for gardening and am extremely enthusiastic about what I do!

How can you help me?

I can do the physical labour required or simply provide some guidance and advice about what to do, and when. I will discuss the issues with you and look at the circumstances i.e. what can/can’t be done. I can then help you to determine what the priorities are and devise a timetable of activities. This can be anything from a bit of light pruning to a complete overhaul of a specific area.

Why should I hire a landscape gardener as opposed to doing it myself?

Clients often find that their garden is too much for them to deal with physically, or that they can’t devote the time required. They will often say to me that they hadn’t really given the garden much thought when buying their house! I am able to offer support on an ad hoc or ongoing basis, so am there to give a helping hand as much or as little as needed.

How can I be better organised when it comes to my own landscape maintenance?

I recommend having a good think about what you want from your garden and when you would be in it the most i.e. is it simply to be able to sit out in a nice area in the summer, do you want to be able to just shut the door on it over winter, do you want to tackle the physical side of things yourself all year round etc.

It is then really important to take an organised approach in prioritising and planning the various activities required, taking into account the time of year, the climate and the flowering season for the plants you wish to have. I recommend having a yearly planner and plotting out what needs done when, so that you can time things appropriately and keep track of everything — for instance, bulbs should be planted now (late Sept) to flower in spring, as they can’t be planted once the first frost has appeared.

What do clients say about your service?

All the feedback I’ve received has been really good! Clients have said they want to keep me and often compliment me on a job well done. I am currently booked to capacity and have a waiting list, so it’s all very positive!

Sounds great! Where do I go from here?

The first step is simply to arrange an appointment for me to come and have a walk round the garden with you so that we can look at what needs done and determine what the priorities are. We can chat about what you particularly like or dislike, and then agree a plan of action! I can be contacted on 07766 243312 or via my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/vickyarmstronglandscapemaintenance

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