25th April 2019

Coffee and a Chat about…Complementary Therapy

Coffee and a Chat about…Complementary Therapy

Here at Better Organised HQ we love coffee and chat, so have a series of blogs that take place over a cuppa! As the busiest time of year fast approaches, we caught up with Rae Eustace from A Time to Heal in Glasgow to find out how we can all benefit from some complementary therapy.

What do you do?

I’m a holistic and clinical therapist in complementary therapies. Drawing on my experience and knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology, I give clients information about what is going on in their body and support them with a range of physical and mental issues by recommending and carrying out appropriate treatments, including aromatherapy, reflexology, remedial massage, Chinese cupping, crystal therapy, lymph drainage and hopi ear candles.

What is your background?

I originally worked in mental health and special needs units within the NHS. Alongside that, I worked as a volunteer therapist at Marie Curie, supporting patients through their battles with cancer. I’ve been a qualified therapist since 1995, and after moving to Glasgow in 2000 I spent 14 years running my own complementary therapies clinic within Scotland’s longest-established herbalist shop.

How can you help me?

Clients come to me for a whole range of concerns, for example they might want some post-op care, be trying for a baby, have a terminal illness or be suffering from post-natal depression. It’s important that clients feel comfortable with me, so the first stage is usually to have a chat, either over the phone, by text or in person. I can explain what I do and suggest the next steps.

Why should I hire you?

The approach I take is absolutely tailor-made for each client. There is no ‘one size fits all’ in what I do, and the sessions are absolutely focussed on the client’s individual needs. For instance, I don’t use any pre-blended oils but instead blend an individual prescription of oils for each client that uses them. Similarly, if flower essences are used I ask the client to complete a brief questionnaire about how they are feeling emotionally, mentally and physically and will then tailor a blend that is designed to specifically address their needs at that time — they will know exactly what is in it and why each particular element has been chosen. One of the benefits for the client is that this process gives them back control when they have often been going through a period where they have been feeling stressed and out of control.

What are the main benefits of coming to you, as opposed to ‘going it alone’ (i.e. aromatherapy at home, self-massage etc.)?

I have over 22 years’ experience in what I do and can use that expertise to help identify and treat a range of conditions. I also believe that the element of physical touch is very important, as I know what movements to do and am able to target those areas that a client would be unable to reach themselves.

When assessing or treating a client I look at the whole picture, so as well as providing my support I will sometimes also refer clients to other professionals who I think can help, such as acupuncturists, herbalists or counsellors.

In what way does being organised complement what you do?

Many of my clients are used to putting other people’s needs before their own. I encourage them to focus on balancing their own needs and their appointment is 100% focussed on them. Being organised definitely helps my clients to be less stressed and in a better place — this includes setting aside the time for their appointments, ensuring they eat and drink well and taking good care of themselves between appointments. It’s often about prioritising and planning!

What do clients say about your service?

Some clients have been coming to me since 2000 and the most common feedback I get is that they really like what they get and will recommend me to others. The testimonials on my Facebook and website pages give an overview of some of the treatments and benefits that my clients have enjoyed over the years!

Sounds great! Where do I go from here?

I have 2 clinics in Glasgow — one at the Buckingham Clinic and another at Rebel Rouge (both west end) and am very flexible with appointments, offering evenings and home visits as well as daytime bookings. I can be reached on 07745 684 309, through Facebook (A Time to Heal) or via my website, www.atimetoheal.co.uk

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