3rd December 2021

Three steps to Better Organised Christmas gifts

Better Organised Christmas gifts

And just like that, it’s the season of giving again! I’ve put together three steps to Better Organised Christmas gifts to make the best of your time, money and space this year. I will guide you through decluttering before Christmas, picking thoughtful gifts for dear ones, and wrapping them all without the clutter or environmental cost.

Step 1 – Make room

The key to Better Organised Christmas gifts? Don’t pile this year’s haul on top of last year’s clutter. Start tidying early – block some time to remove unwanted toys, clothes, gadgets and tools. You might want to sell them on eBay, Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace or other selling sites, as they can be a convenient and profitable way to make cash from your clutter – particularly at this time of the year. 

However, listing items on these sites can also take a significant amount of time, energy, and effort. The best way to think of it is as an hourly rate. How much can you potentially net per hour from investing a couple of hours on listing an item?

Focusing your efforts on high ticket items makes sense. Bundling lower-value items can be efficient. But cutting your losses and letting go of items through other methods will sometimes be the way to go. 

Step 2 – Organise your Christmas gifts

I never tire of saying this: offer experiences, not things. The possibilities are endless! Vouchers for cookery schools, garden centres, and riding lessons have been some of my personal favourites in recent years. I’ve also enjoyed an Audible subscription, and my mother-in-law kindly gifts a Good Housekeeping subscription each year (I hope she’s not trying to give me a hint!). Or for something a little different, how about a one-to-one decluttering session with a professional organiser (you can buy Better Organised vouchers and other goodies here). No need to wrap – and the memories of these experiences will last a lifetime!

Other thoughtful ideas can be:
– a Spotify playlist with a theme (like top Eurovision songs of the past 30 years or a list of songs that bring shared memories)
– a recording of you reading a favourite story
– a digital photo album with pictures curated from common memories/albums over the years
– a curated calendar of events especially researched for the person featuring concerts they are interested in, art displays, movies coming up in the next year, or whatever their hobbies are
– a bespoke crossword puzzle with answers like shared memories, favourite foods, movies, places or artists
– a DIY jigsaw made from the kids’ artwork or an old photo (instructions here)
These things can all become very special memories without any of the clutter and can be done on the go during 5-10 minute breaks, directly from your phone. Extra bonus – no need to queue at the post office.

Step 3 – Opt for planet-friendly Christmas wrapping

First things first, ditch the Sellotape and use paper tape instead. This means you don’t have to pick the tape off before putting paper in recycling.
Be mindful that many wrapping papers aren’t recyclable – particularly if they have shiny elements or glitter finish. As a general rule, if you scrunch it into a ball and it stays scrunched, it can be recycled. If it starts to flatten up as soon as you let go, it can’t.
Keep it simple!! Brown parcel paper can be spruced up with pretty fabric ribbons, foliage or string. I’ve also seen mini crackers, mini baubles or chocolate tree decorations added to these parcels to add a cheery Christmas element.
Use gift boxes instead of wrapping paper. These can be used year after year and are fuss-free! You can use bunched-up newspaper or magazine pages, wrapping paper offcuts, shredded paper or tissue paper to lift the items up and add a bit of padding.
Use fabric to wrap gifts the Japanese way – called Furoshiki. Eye-catching, useful (as the fabrics can be re-purposed for a sewing project or as another gift wrap) and easy to recycle.

Need further tips to keep you Better Organised this Christmas? Read this post from last year or download three FREE printables to stay on track with housework, menu planning and shopping – find them in my online store.

I hope you find my tips on Better Organised Christmas gifts useful and a good place to start planning this year’s celebrations. Feeling overwhelmed by the task? I offer virtual and in-person services to help. Take the first step with a free consultation with me – simply use my calendar here to book a first conversation around your decluttering and organising goals.

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