25th April 2019

Are You Fulfilled or Just Busy?

are you fulfilled or just busy?

Are You Fulfilled or Just Busy?

3 Time Management Tips to Help You Manage Busy-ness

The question above was recently posed in a LinkedIn post by sales & business growth specialist, Ben Kench. Subsequently, I’ve had conversations and read countless articles and social media content about the culture of busy-ness, busy not being a badge of honour and have even discovered a busy boycott challenge.

“If you want to be productive, if you want to achieve worthwhile goals while feeling a sense of fulfillment, it’s time to get focused. You need to start being self-aware enough to reject busy, meaningless activities and, instead, to focus on the one or two things that really matter to you each day”. Isaiah Hankel

Busy-ness isn’t specifically positive or negative, but how your level of activity makes you feel can be. If keeping up with work and family life leaves you feeling tired but fulfilled that’s very different to the feeling of being run ragged or on the verge of burnout.

With so many distractions, interruptions and commitments to deal with on a daily basis it’s easy to feel as though you are constantly busy even when you’re not getting much done, subsequently leaving a nagging feeling of not completing anything and having difficulty switching off.

Here are a few simple tips to help reduce the overwhelm, so that your brain doesn’t feel so busy even if you are constantly on the go!

  • Adjust the notifications on your smartphone. Constant banners, pings and alerts can be reduced, switched off or temporarily muted, so that you can turn your attention to conversations and messages when it is convenient instead of feeling pulled into them throughout the day
  • Set a timer. The Pomodoro technique is a simple but effective time management method that can be used at work or home. You break down tasks into focussed intervals of 25 minutes, separated by 5 minute breaks. The beauty is its simplicity, and it reportedly eases anxiety whilst increasing efficiency and productivity — sounds good!
  • Say no. As Anne Lamott’s infamous quote goes, “No is a complete sentence.” Although obligations, demands and requests are part of life, being mindful and intentional about the ones you take on or decline can put you back in control of your schedule, demonstrate boundaries and effectively leave more room for the things that are most important to you

“Simplify your life. Learn to say no.” Anonymous

Kate Galbally is a productivity coach & professional organiser and the founder of Better Organised; decluttering and organising homes, offices, businesses and lives in and around Milngavie, Glasgow. Head to Amazon to order a copy of her book, A Better Organised Home in 30 Days.


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