25th April 2019

A Better Organised Christmas — 5 Weeks to Go

better organised christmas five weeks to go

A Better Organised Christmas — 5 Weeks to Go

A weekly checklist that can be used as a guide to keep us all on track through the festive season. This week is mostly about getting out and about to get cards and presents organised!

Diary Organisation

  • Schedule an evening next week to plan food requirements/place order

At Home

  • Write cards (or instead of cards, consider a donation to charity or putting some food items in your local food bank)
  • Do a declutter, particularly of toys, books and kids’ clothing/nightwear — bag items for the charity shop. For step-by-step guidance to decluttering and organising throughout your home, head to Amazon to order a copy of A Better Organised Home in 30 Days!
  • Check gift list for items to be ordered/purchased
  • Do a quick check of glassware to make sure you have plenty to go round. Include champagne flutes, wine glasses and tumblers for soft drinks, as well as some plastic cups for kids. Many supermarkets do free glass hire — which can be arranged online – or consider purchasing extras from your local charity shop and then donating them back to the shop after Christmas


  • Order presents online

Out & About

  • Buy advent calendars and crackers
  • Purchase wrapping paper, gift tags, ribbon, bows, gift bags and sellotape
  • Get, wrap and send any gifts for overseas
  • Pick up gifts for teachers, colleagues, Secret Santa and raffles/tombolas — wine, truffles, a book, coffee shop voucher, garden centre token, iTunes card, a cinema gift card, voucher for a manicure or a Better Organised gift voucher all make lovely presents. Or alternatively, instead of buying Secret Santa gifts, perhaps buy some toiletries to donate to a homeless charity
  • Drop off items at a local charity shop

Breaking Christmas prep into small, manageable chunks works well. Pick and choose from the items listed above, spread what needs done across the week and by next weekend you’ll be well on the way to a Better Organised Christmas — and part 3 in this countdown series!

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