25th April 2019

8 Pro Tips for a Stress-Free After School Routine

after school routine made easy

8 Pro Tips for a Stress-Free After School Routine

Getting kids out of the door for the morning school run can often be stressful for all involved, but what about the other end of the day? They’ll often come home out of sorts, ravenous and with school bags seemingly bursting with things that need actioned! A little planning and some simple routines can mean a calmer and more productive return home from school…and get you one step ahead for the next day.

“The secret of your success is found in your daily routine”.

John C Maxwell

  1. Hang up jackets, put shoes away
  2. Snack before homework (this tip was given to me by a mum who noticed that her child was often cranky after school. Homework was subsequently a struggle — and she quickly realised that he just needed a good drink and a snack to perk him up!). Snack time is a good opportunity for you to catch up on a little school-related admin…
  3. Empty school bag — check for letters and invites. If possible, deal with RSVPs and forms* as soon as you get them and place them back inside school bags. Pop relevant dates in your diary
  4. Check your calendar for tomorrow’s events — set aside money or items to be taken in for activities, trips etc.
  5. Have a quick check for any messages or notifications on school/PTA social media, WhatsApp groups etc.
  6. Homework
  7. Lay out uniform, PE kit and/or musical instruments
  8. Organise packed lunches, snacks and water bottles

* Top tip — keep a note on your phone of any info that is regularly required for forms i.e. put the date of your child’s last tetanus jab as a note under your GP’s details in your Contacts app, saving a search for their red book in advance of each excursion!

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