25th April 2019

7 Simple Tips for Better Organised Emails

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7 Simple Tips for Better Organised Emails

Is your inbox out of control? Maybe you strugggle to remember which messages still need actioned. Or perhaps the thought of getting it under control is simply too overwhelming. In part two of a series about home offices, here’s a straightforward way to quickly declutter and organise all of your emails so that you can return your focus to what’s important.

Taking control of your emails can save you time and stress and is a sure-fire route to feeling Better Organised
  1. Set up a few folders, keeping categories fairly broad — enquiries, insurances, marketing etc.
  2. For sorting purposes here, filter emails by sender, deleting groups of messages if possible and moving the rest into the appropriate folders
  3. If a message requires an action, consider putting a reminder in your calendar or task list and filing the email (in Office, dragging an email straight into tasks creates a new task but the email is also kept and can be filed away)
  4. Do you get too many newsletters and daily deals? Unroll Me lists all of your email subscriptions and lets you easily unsubscribe from newsletters. It can hide your remaining subscriptions and just collate them into one daily email
  5. If you are a Gmail user, Boomerang lets you schedule the sending of emails and can also remind you about a message with just one click — ideal if you want your memory to be refreshed about itinerary details just prior to travel
  6. Sanebox provides email management for any inbox and can be a particularly useful tool for business owners who are receiving a high volume of messages on a daily basis
  7. Consider mirroring your folder set up for sent items too, only leaving messages in the original sent items area if they require an action or response. If updated regularly this is a simple but VERY effective reminder system and is the only one I use for keeping track of emails that might need chased up!

Bear in mind that many personal assistants/virtual assistants offer an inbox detox service — as a guide, it’s typical for a 5-digit inbox to be reduced to double figures in a couple of hours.

Whether you’re a digital hoarder, strive for inbox zero or your emails are simply in need of a little spring clean, consider setting aside a little time to detox and neaten your inbox for enhanced clarity and focus!

Better Organised provides productivity coaching and professional decluttering & organising services for your home or business and is accredited by APDO. Please visit www.betterorganised.uk for details of services and client testimonials, or head to Amazon to order a copy of A Better Organised Home in 30 Days!


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