25th April 2019

3 Reflections on My First Year of Self-Employment

3 Reflections on My First Year of Self-Employment

‘Every decision to act is an intuitive one. The challenge is to migrate from hoping it’s the right choice to trusting it’s the right choice’.

David Allen; Getting Things Done — The Art of Stress-Free Productivity

This week marks a year since I decided to start my own business as a professional organiser & PA. Reaching this anniversary’s a perfect opportunity to look back on what has undoubtedly been my steepest learning curve yet!

Representing the Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers (APDO) on Donate-a-Day; working alongside a fellow APDO member I helped out at Dumfries-based charity MOOL as part of National Organising Week 2017

1) The Importance of Closing the Intention-Action Gap

We’ve all heard that intentions mean nothing without actions and I think this is particularly true in business. You could have all the money, time and good business ideas in the world but unless you are prepared to act then nothing will come of it. Within 24 hours of committing to the decision to go into business I had thought of a company name, purchased a domain and commenced an online training course.

Of course, not every action will work out the way you want or expect — 6 months after starting the business I re-named and re-branded it to better reflect its core purpose. Many decisions will be baby steps rather than giant leaps, but trust that the cumulative effect of your actions will keep the momentum going and move you closer towards your goals.

2) How Much a Support Network Matters

I’ve been very fortunate to have had invaluable advice and ongoing support from incredible people, some with established businesses of their own. Having a support network, both personally and professionally, has been absolutely key. From family and friends to Facebook groups, fellow APDO members and contacts I have met at networking events, connecting with others has kept me encouraged, inspired and motivated and proven the old adage that every day is a school day.

3) That I Can Surprise Myself

Reaching out to experts to ask for help, embracing social media, learning new systems, attending networking events, writing a blog and saying yes to being interviewed for a podcast (watch this space!) — the theme for the last year has, without a shadow of a doubt, been ‘getting comfortable with being uncomfortable’!

I love to help people and I love organising, so I was determined to combine the two in my work life. In the last twelve months I have seen first-hand how getting better organised can be such an empowering experience for clients in their homes and businesses and they tell me how it makes them feel more productive, uplifted and optimistic.

Looking ahead to Better Organised’s second year in business there are busy times ahead, with ongoing projects with clients, an APDO conference, Spring Clearing Week and GDPR training all happening in March!

For details of Better Organised’s services and client testimonials, please visit www.betterorganised.uk or for my step-by-step guide to decluttering and organising throughout your home, head to Amazon to order your copy of A Better Organised Home in 30 Days!.


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